Sun Jan 15 13:42:22 MDT 2006
No updates in a year. Yea, I'm a slacker. But, there is new news. The rebuild progress is happening, just slowly. You can view the rebuild progress here, and here are some teasers for you in chronological order:

Not to mention that I just got the new race transmission back, a rebuilt 4K with custom gear set, longer 5th, quaiff and some more attitude.
(Click for larger picture)

Mon Apr 25 09:55:23 MDT 2005
Oregon Trail ProRally was a success!!! There was much drama both good and bad. Cars that escaped with only a scratch and others that may never be repaired because of their extensive damage.

The Vicious Bunny Racing Team represented with car #249, Nick Thomas at the wheel and Doug Thomas as Codriver/Navigator. No, my car isn't done yet so my girlfriend and I served as crew for the Thomas contingent.

Here are the picts I took. Including everyone who was on the finish podium.

Fri Jan 28 08:24:12 MDT 2005
Many graphics are broken on my site right now... This is the result of my gallery software being killed and having to be reconstructed on the computer that lives in my closet. Don't worry, I'll have them all back up soon. I take good backups :).